Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ceremony Reading: Blessings

We are thinking about having each one of our attendants say a part of this....

First Blessing
May you be blessed with love. May understanding bring a deep and abiding peace into your lives, fostering a love that is not only passionate but serene. May this love between you be strong and enduring.

Second Blessing
May you be blessed with wisdom. May you continually learn from one another and from the world. Together, may you grow, deepening your knowledge and understanding of each other and of your journey through life.

Third Blessing
May you be blessed with community. May you always be blessed with the awareness that you are an essential part of a circle of family and friends. May there always be within this group a sense of mutual love, trust, support and respect.

Fourth Blessing
May you be blessed with art and beauty. May your creative aspirations and experiences find expression and bring you joy and fulfillment. May your sense of humor and playful spirit continue to enliven your relationship.

Fifth Blessing
May you be blessed with health. May life bestow upon you wholeness of mind, body and spirit. May you live long that you may share many happy years together.

Sixth Blessing
May you be blessed with the experience of nature. May nature in her magnificence continue to inspire you and bring you a sense of transcendence. May the elements of earth, air, fire and water sustain you and heal you.

Seventh Blessing
May you be best friends, better together than either of you are apart. May you work together to build a relationship of substance and quality. May you respect each other’s individual personality and philosophy and give each other room to grow and fulfill each other’s dreams.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE your website and I would like to use your wedding readings (Aug. 31) but would like to give proper credit. Do you know who wrote the "blessings"

If you could let me know that would be great--Shannon

Anonymous said...

hello, I found your site while I was looking for readings and blessings that we can use for our wedding.
I wish to use the blessings you posted and will choose 7 of our beloved family and friends to say it.
Thanks for posting it
Have a great day! =)