Saturday, March 31, 2007

We Met Online...

In the past few days, Sean and I have been reflecting on our relationship over the past 14-ish months with a bit of giddy disbelief. At this time last year, we didn't even know each other.
In fact, we had both just gotten out of relationships and were only starting to think about dating again.

Enter (This isn't an advertisment for that site in particular- it worked for us then, but it's also changed a lot since then too.)
He *winked* at me. I took a look at this profile. He was handy... a carpenter by choice. He had a dog... had liberal politics... was pretty cute in his picture. All big pluses in my book. So I wrote him a short email. And he wrote back a longer one. He liked some of the same restaurants in my neighborhood... he had just been to the apple-orchard I was going to... we both loved the same home-made ice cream places in the Cities. He did agility with his dog!
We talked on the phone. Three nites in a row.
We set up a time to meet, but then I got stuck at work and couldn't make it.
We talked a LOT on the phone. Hours.
We finally came up with a time to meet- for dinner (normally against my blind-dating rules... but we seemed to connect so well that I made the exception.)
Mexican food.
I wore red. (I always wear red on first dates.)
He remembers the necklace I wore.
It wasn't one of those dates that lasted hours and hours into the nite like in Hollywood-land... I had to go back to work to screen a film for a student group and he had planned on just dinner also.
But it was a good date. A really good date. At work the next day, a friend asked how it went, and apparently I "glowed."
I told her (in my typical understated way)- "It went alright. I'll probably see him again."
That was 14 months ago.
Now, together, we have a house- a home- a family, of us and our dogs- thinking about a family that gets even larger- looking at our names side-by-side on contracts and deeds, thinking
wow... this is real.
this is perhaps the most real thing i've ever been a part of.
and certainly the best thing i've ever been part of.
14 months ago is so far away.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nadja:

I stumbled upon your blog doing research for a brides article (I'm a journalist), and thought I would write and say hello and best wishes for your wedding!

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I'm a chaplain's wife, and my husband and I have done a lot of premarital counseling, so the book came out of these experiences. And by the way, it's not just for Southern Girls - that's just MY "tell it like it is" perspective! Think of me as Dr. Phil, in pearls and high heels, with a few gin and tonics under his belt. :)

Anyway, not that you have much time on your hands, but if you're looking for something fun and practical to read - which will help you prepare for the marriage, as well as the wedding - the book won this year's USA Best Books Award for humor (although it's a relationship book - go figure). For more info, please visit my website at And drop me a line to say how everything goes! (I've also got a blogspot Blog under "Southern Girl's Guide", by the way).

Again, best wishes for a wonderful, blessed wedding!

Annabelle Robertson

Anonymous said...

Wow, great to find you here. Odd as it is, I'm planning a wedding right now with a girl I met at so it does work well for some people. I'm glad to see things have turned out well for you.

Though I gotta say, the thought of renovating a house scares the hell out of me, so good luck with that.