Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Amy Jane's Bridal Review

I went by myself to Amy Jane's Bridal on Selby. After all, it's in my neighborhood and my dog and I have walked by the windows, oh, about 1000 times or so. I always admire whatever gorgeous creation they have in the window- even if it's decidedly not my style.
I knew I probably wouldn't find my dress there (and even if I did I probably wouldn't be able to afford it), but I still wanted to go.
After all, I'm a bride now, so now I get to go in places that I only used to look at from the outside. (God help me with that attitude!)
So, my visit:
The gal who helped me was very nice- and very low pressure.
You get the sense of it being a little "higher-class" when you walk in and you have to take off your shoes. They'll offer you tea or something else to drink and then ask you to look around at the dresses and choose styles you like.
They don't have a huge selection- I was surprised at how few gowns they had available- but their selection is representative of a lot of different styles. And, all of their dresses are made after you order them- so you can custom-ize your dress with features you like, minus features you don't.
They had GREAT veils. They hand-make all their veils at the store, and I found them reasonably priced and very well made.
They also have some very cool wedding jewelry from local jewelry designers.
Those were the highlights for me!

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