Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Nice Day for A Green Wedding...

Excerpt from It's A Nice Day for A Green Wedding....

When it comes to preserving Planet Earth, everyone wants to do the right thing. That’s why so many of us recycle, buy organic foods, and don’t dump anything toxic down the nearby storm drain. But when it comes to planning the Big Day, we worry that being environmentally correct will mean sacrificing our cherished wedding vision.

Luckily, you no longer have to wrestle with your conscience to have a celebration that is both beautiful and “green”—or at least, green-ish. Okay, so you might not be Judy Granola, determined to eradicate every aspect of her celebration tainted with anything unhealthy or consumeristic. But you’re probably not Betty Bridezilla either, who wouldn’t think of having a recycling bin if it clashes with her powder blue chair covers. The reality is that most of us have daily habits that range from environmentally correct to careless, usually depending on convenience. However, no matter where you are on the green spectrum, it’s easy to make a few thoughtful adjustments that go a long way towards raising your green standard.

What is Green, Anyway?

“Green” is a concept of promoting balance between humanity and Nature. Greenies support products that are eco-friendly, produced in a socially responsible manner, and enrich local or indigenous communities. They endorse sustainable farming, with an emphasis on local and seasonal produce, which minimizes depletion of natural resources.

Does What I Do Really Matter?

Raising awareness, and doing it with grace, is one of the most meaningful contributions you and your groom can make. Consider that the U.S. wedding industry is a $70 billion a year business. Your event budget is part of one powerful lobby! Every time you question a product or service’s environmental and social impact, you send a strong message to Corporate America. When you buy locally, you are countering corporate dominance.

You also have the ability to inspire. Your wedding is an outward expression of you and your groom’s inner values. Not only is your green celebration a promise to care for each other throughout your lives, it’s also a public commitment to nurturing the planet. As Michele Kozin, author of Organic Weddings puts it: “From backyard to black-tie, a wedding is the perfect opportunity to show family and friends the stylish side of environmental and social responsibility.”

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