Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mother-of-the-Bride Dress

My mom agonized over her dress for months. She and I live in different cities, so I wasn't able to shop with her. She also wasn't all that computer savvy at the time (although know she "facebooks"- go mom!), so the best we could do was descriptions over the phone. I told her she should wear a dress she loved and felt good in. She went to several bridal salons, but she said everything felt to fancy or matronly. She found her dress at Macy's, on sale, for around $100. And she looked radiant. She got the great silver sandals to go with it, and now she wears those with other things too. Great choice, mom! (You'd never believe she's 62, would you?! And single... ;)

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Alissa said...

Great mom.!! I too got my wedding dress from Macy's at very affordable price.