Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Wedding Photo Book

It's been awhile since the wedding, but I am realizing people are still looking at the site for ideas... I'm updating with all the "after-thoughts". Hopefully some will be useful to you!

The first is The Wedding Book. We bought the rights to all our pictures as part of our photo package. If you have ANY desire whatsoever to do anything with your photos yourself, I recommend negotiating this into your deal. We got every image that was taken on CD. We have since been able to make our own slideshow and wedding book. I made the wedding book with great software from my favorite photo book site, blurb.com. If you're not familiar with blurb.com, you download the software, design your book yourself, then upload it to the blurb to be printed. In a couple of weeks, your lovely book arrives at your door. Voila. You can order as many as you want, and their prices are pretty darn reasonable. I think for our layout (the biggest possible) and 80+ pages of the nicest paper, it was about $70 per book.

If you aren't as computer savvy you can hire folks (like me, if you email me- I've done several books now and love doing it.) to put together you book for you. Take a look!

I'll post more day-of-the-wedding pics as well.

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