Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Shoe Dilemma

Shopping for shoes is about as much fun for me as a root canal. I have wide feet, and although I know what styles I like, I never can find shoes to fit right. So many styles don't come in wide sizes, so I'm forced to decide if I want to buy a shoe that's too long, but finally wide enough, or just squeeze into the medium width size in the right length. In the end, I waste a lot of money on shoes I never wear because they don't fit right and are too painful to make it through a day.

I tried on a lot of wedding shoes. I went to David's and tried on their wide sizes. They were all blah... to me, anyway.

Enter Zappos.com.

Finally, I went online and searched on the zappos.com site. For those of you who haven't been to zappos, it is literally shoe heaven. I had ordered with success from there before, so I figured it was worth a shot. In the end I chose 4 pairs that looked like they might work. I ordered them all (free shipping!), and when they arrived, I tried them all on. One was absolutely perfect, style AND fit. That was my shoe! I sent the rest back. (Free returns!!)

Voila- shoe shopping comes to my living room.

You can't see the detail that well in the picture, but the shoes match the tiny aurora borealis beading along the waistline of the dress. It's like they were made to go together.
For about $50.


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